Geneva extends crackdown on drivers blocking intersections

Started two weeks ago, Geneva’s crackdown on those who block intersections, has been extended for a further fortnight. Drivers caught blocking the flow of transversal traffic through intersections will be fined CHF 60. The objective of the operation is freer moving traffic and clearer intersections.
The situation occurs when a car traveling through an intersection cannot pass through and out of an intersection, blocking perpendicular traffic trying to get through the same intersection when the lights change. Congestion in one direction, unnecessarily blocks traffic traveling across it.
According to Tribune de Genève, Geneva’s Police have already issued 30 CHF 60 fines.
Article 12 of the Swiss highway code says: “When traffic is stationary, the driver must not block a pedestrian crossing or block an intersection to traffic traveling in the transversal direction.”
A police spokesperson speaking about the fines said it will be applied flexibly. Only dangerous driving will attract tickets at intersections. Surveillance cameras will not be used. “The video surveillance system doesn’t belong to us and can’t zoom in to see number plates” said the Police.

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