Motorcycle lessons

Need a Swiss scooter or motorbike driving license?

Apply for motorcycle lessons with Geneva driving school just with few clicks.

Find here your scooter or motorcycle lessons. The number of mandatory basic motorcycle lessons to be followed (6h, 8h, or 12 hours) is listed on your motorcycle learner’s license. These courses must be completed before the expiration date of your learner’s license.

Scooter lessons Geneva

Starter private lessons

Do you want to discover the pleasure of driving a motorcycle?

thinking about getting your motorbike license?

Do you have a license but haven’t practiced for a while?

These motorbike courses are organized for people who have never driven a motorbike or for those who want to get more confident building skills.

each private scooter or motorcycle lesson lasts 100 minutes.

This training allows you to acquire the primordial knowledge & techniques to master a motorcycle, discover the safety rules and the pleasure of driving a two-wheeler.


Motorbike & Scooter License Cat. A1

A1 License at 16 years old

  • Motorcycle 50 cm ³ or 4 kw for electric engine.
  • 8 motorcycle hours, mandatory lessons (BLOC 1 & BLOC 2)

A1 License at 18 years old

  • Scooter 125 cm ³ & maximum 11 Kw.
  • 8 motorcycle hours, mandatory lessons (BLOC 1 & BLOC 2)

Category B holder

No exam when the learner has achieved the basic practical motorcycle courses.


Motorbike & Scooter License Cat. A

From 18 to 25 years old

Already holders of the sub-cat A1

The limitation of power for motorcycle A category is over, upon request of the driving license holder, at the earliest two years after the issue of the license for that category if the competent authority ascertains that during two years, the holder has not committed any problem which could lead to the withdrawal of the driving license.

  • 6 motorcycle hours, mandatory lessons (BLOC 2A + BLOC 3)                                     

Starting from 25 years old

  • 12 motorcycle hours, mandatory lessons (BLOC 1 + 2 + 3)

Before starting the lessons please Check

  • That your Provisional license is valid.
  • That you are in possession of the motorcycle documents.
  • That you are well equipped for the motorcycle lessons (helmet, gloves, pants, shoes)
  • Your bike has the learner L sign.

With Geneva Driving School, getting the motorcycle license is much easier than you think. with us you can have your driving license at a fair price!

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